Experience unparalleled control and effortlessly smooth results with the EL04 | Paddle Hair Brush. It’s flat, wide, rectangular surface glides gracefully through your hair, allowing you to steer with precision, while preserving your hair’s natural pattern without causing breakage.

Vented Cushion Pad

Featuring a vented cushion pad that allows for effortless airflow during styling. This innovative design helps to reduce drying time while evenly distributing heat for a more efficient and gentle styling experience.

Round Tipped Ionic Nylon Bristles

Round-tipped ionic nylon bristles that glide through hair with ease, gently detangling knots and minimising breakage. These bristles also boast our Negative Ion Technology reducing frizz and leaving hair looking smooth, shiny, and beautifully styled.

Rubber Cushion Handle Insert

Strategically placed providing a soft and ergonomic grip for effortless control and manoeuvrability. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to comfortable styling sessions.

Solid Wood Construction

EMME believes in the beauty of sustainability on natural materials. Our brushes are expertly crafted from sustainably sourced European Beech Wood, providing a durable and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic. The solid wood construction ensures long-lasting performance, resulting in reliable tools for professional stylists, salon use and use at home.

Sheer White Satin Finish

The Lagom collection is finished in a sheer white satin, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood grain. The elegant and timeless design reflects the minimalistic aesthetics of Scandinavian culture, adding a touch of sophistication to your hair care tool box.